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Dell's chief data officer on building a data-driven culture

How do you democratize data analytics without creating chaos? Dell's chief data officer, Rob Schmidt, discusses the building blocks of a data-driven culture.


New tool aims to round out customer identity for marketers

This content management news roundup features a social media management platform that joins customers' Facebook identities to their online activity.


The right to be forgotten debate brings data privacy to the fore

The right to be forgotten, a new regulation in Europe, has people abuzz about whether erasing data from the Internet will open Pandora's box.


Metadata tagging and the innovation behind search-based applications

Search-based applications and metadata tagging enable access to all kinds of enterprise information. But diverse formats make tagging a challenge.

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Enterprise Content Management Basics

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    Build a WCM architecture that supports business needs

    WCM has become a key element of the marketing and customer engagement efforts that support a business. A solid Web content architecture is crucial.

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    take-down request

    A take-down request, also called a notice and take down request, is a procedure for asking an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or search engine to remove or disable access to illegal, irrelevant or outdated information.

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    How do SharePoint's BPM benefits measure up?

    SharePoint's strengths may lie in collaboration and content management, but how can enterprises tap into its oft-overlooked BPM benefits?

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