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Dell buys EMC in historic deal

In a historic deal, Dell will buy EMC for $67 billion, acquiring successful RSA security and storage devices. But what is the fate of Documentum?


Power BI provides user-friendly finish for analytics

Microsoft Power BI can help businesses visualize company data and keep abreast of trends, but does it address the traditional analytic pain points of cost and complexity?


Don't forget SEO when planning Web localization

Web localization efforts that overlook how regional factors can alter search engine optimization ranking run the risk of diminished returns.


Curing ills of e-discovery with crowdsourcing

As the volume of data proliferates exponentially, companies can no longer handle the e-discovery process manually. They need software and human discretion to help.

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Enterprise Content Management Basics

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    How to make corporate information more accessible

    Information governance strategy needs to facilitate proper collection of information, accommodate human error and legacy systems, and use emerging analytics tools.

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    technology-assisted review (TAR)

    Technology-assisted review (TAR) uses software to search and sort through documents that are relevant for the purposes of e-discovery.

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    leapfrog migration

    Leapfrog migration is the process of making an application upgrade directly to the newest version of the application without having to migrate through in-between versions first.

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  • Enterprise content management software platforms

    OpenText launches OpenText Suite 16

    OpenText has launched OpenText Suite 16, with new capabilities to build apps on top of OpenText, as well as upgrades to its Experience Suite and analytics.

  • Enterprise Web content management software

    Sitefinity and Office 365 roll out new features

    Progress Software is upgrading Sitefinity CMS to enable greater marketing personalization, with less heavy lifting. Microsoft is expanding Delve features in Office 365.

  • Cloud-SaaS content management (ECM)

    Box breathes new life into cloud-powered ECM apps

    Box's efforts to build services on top of traditional content management software signal potential new directions for managing enterprise content.