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April 2012

Care required in extending SharePoint 2010 capabilities externally

Let’s face it, the usual method of using email to request information from a business partner for a joint project is inefficient. Someone in one organization typically sends a message to someone in the other, then must wait for a response and hope that it contains all of the information they needed. In today’s fast-expanding information environment, there are better ways for enterprises to collaborate. Among SharePoint users, extending SharePoint 2010 capabilities beyond organizational walls can enable partners, customers, suppliers and even remote employees to easily and efficiently access the content they require to join forces effectively. One approach is to set up an extranet environment as part of your SharePoint strategy. Authorized users from other organizations can navigate to a SharePoint site on the extranet and retrieve the information themselves. Furthermore, because the entire process is Web-based, it’s possible to build SharePoint applications that are designed to make business-to-business collaboration easier. For...

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