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August 2011

SharePoint 2010 performance management load gets heavier

It’s been said many times: SharePoint is a complex platform. When Microsoft released SharePoint 2010, management complexity increased further with the addition of service applications, more flexible SharePoint deployment models, new features like Office Web Apps and expanded data-handling capabilities (for example, increased list item limits and remote storage of binary large objects, or blobs). As a result, systems administrators need to be even more vigilant in maintaining their SharePoint farms to ensure acceptable performance. One of the biggest performance drains in any SharePoint 2010 management environment is  having inadequate hardware. And because of all the changes in the deployment models and the new features, hardware requirements for SharePoint 2010 have increased or changed significantly compared with earlier versions of the software. Find out more about SharePoint 2010 deployment, adoption and management and how the platform works in successful enterprise collaboration Learn about overcoming the challenges of ...

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