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August 2011

Three steps to creating a successful SharePoint 2010 deployment plan

Smaller organizations launching SharePoint 2010 often take a very casual approach to the deployment process. They purchase some licenses and install SharePoint without any real plan for its long-term use, letting the deployment evolve over time. While that might work fine for a small company, such a laissez-faire attitude toward SharePoint 2010 deployment can have severe long-term consequences in an enterprise environment. To avoid trouble, enterprise-class organizations would be well-advised to develop a comprehensive strategy long before the first SharePoint license is purchased. To make sure SharePoint is used successfully, it makes sense to carefully consider the issues that inform a deployment strategy. What follows are tips on how to do that, along with key questions to ask within an organization about a planned deployment.  Formalize your vision. If you’re considering deploying SharePoint, then you probably already have some idea of the types of things that you want the project to accomplish. However, a good first step in...

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