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June 2009

Top Microsoft SharePoint governance mistakes to avoid

Although Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is designed to be a content management product, it is lacking in some areas. But there are ways SharePoint administrators can work around the deficiencies.  One area where SharePoint falls short is classification. Microsoft doesn’t really offer a good way to categorize documents in SharePoint. To understand why this is important, imagine that you have a collection of documents that are all related to a specific project. It would be really nice to be able to classify those documents as being connected with the project. That way when the project is completed, all of the documents that are related to the project could be archived or deleted.  Another benefit to being able to classify documents in this way is that if someone new joins the team who is responsible for the project, it would be easy to assign that person rights to all of the documents that are related to the project.  Although SharePoint does not allow SharePoint administrators to classify documents in this way at the ...

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