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July 2009

Governance as a resource control tool

Although you can often get away with winging the deployment of a server application, there are some exceptions. One of the most notable exceptions is SharePoint. There is nothing inherently difficult about the setup wizard, but deploying SharePoint by trial and error can have consequences far greater than what you might encounter with other applications. The reason is that SharePoint is architecturally different from most other server applications. As network administrators, we are used to simply installing and then configuring and maintaining applications. Although SharePoint is technically an application, it can also be thought of as a development platform. Any user with the appropriate permissions can create document libraries, lists, Web parts and even entire portal sites. Because SharePoint is so flexible, it is easy to unintentionally grow your SharePoint deployment in a completely unstructured manner. As you can imagine, the lack of structure can lead to problems. One of the most common problems is sprawl. If users are ...

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