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October 2011

Prepare for the hidden costs of SharePoint Server 2010 implementations

It's rare for a major piece of software these days to lack some kind of hidden costs, and SharePoint Server 2010 is no exception. Not “hidden” in the sense that Microsoft is trying to slip something past you, but rather it refers to the costs of owning and operating SharePoint that businesses don’t always think about. Not thinking about these things can not only cost an organization money, but also jeopardize the stability, performance and reliability of its SharePoint infrastructure. That’s because without realizing that these costs exist, an enterprise might overlook some critical design, maintenance and management tasks. SQL Server provides the back-end for SharePoint 2010, and any significant SharePoint installation is going to need a dedicated SQL Server computer and large SharePoint farms might require more than one machine. That means purchasing additional Windows Server licenses along with the SQL Server licenses and it means you’ll have to support SQL Server. It’ll need backing up, performance will have to be tuned from...

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