SharePoint content management and collaboration guide

SharePoint content management and collaboration guide

Features, expert advice, deployment options and news on SharePoint content management and collaboration. Get tips and instruction on the key aspects of SharePoint administration, strategy and management.

As more and more companies deploy the Microsoft SharePoint collaboration platform it is becoming increasingly clear that successful use of the technology requires careful planning, management and ongoing governance.

With SharePoint 2013 currently in beta testing, organizations continue to adopt the current version of the popular collaboration platform as they strive to become more collaborative enterprises. For many companies, SharePoint 2010 provides the features they need for their specific collaboration and enterprise content management needs. Some find the SharePoint content management platform works well for their Web content management requirements. And many others must augment SharePoint's built-in capabilities to fully meet their needs.

At the administrator level, SharePoint's complexitiesrequire careful consideration when it comes to integrating the system with business processes and making sure files and data are backed up in case disaster strikes. SharePoint Server 2010 and its unique requirements demand special attention. Then there are the issues involved with the Office 365 product that includes the fully customizable SharePoint Online offering.

This guide to SharePoint content management and enterprise collaboration provides a vast store of expert tips and opinions on planning and managing SharePoint initiatives; instructive articles that dig into the details of SharePoint administration and backup plans; interviews with consultants describing how organizations can benefit from SharePoint deployments; and key information about governing SharePoint collaboration installations and managing them for ongoing success. Consider it a Microsoft SharePoint tutorial and primer, with valuable insight into the independent software vendor universe that has grown up around SharePoint and which lays bare some of the platform's shortcomings.

And, as SharePoint 2013 is rolled out, you will find updates here that follow the latest trends in SharePoint collaboration and content management, and what to expect in the newest version. It should be especially informative for those IT and content management professionals who are curious about building a business case for SharePoint adoption and how best to introduce it to their companies.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you have any resources that you'd like to add to this learning guide, or if there's a SharePoint topic you'd like to learn about, send me an email.

Jonathan Gourlay

Site and News Editor, Twitter: @sContentMgmt_TT

Table of contents:

Top SharePoint terms

SharePoint is a collaboration platform that incorporates some complex enterprise content management functionality. It is the current market leader in the space and the central component for an independent software vendor (ISV) universe of more than 1,000 products. Getting to know the technology will require a firm grip on SharePoint terms and terminology.

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SharePoint collaboration platform management

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SharePoint vendors and independent support

As the market leader in enterprise collaboration technology, SharePoint gets lots of attention. That speaks not only to the place it holds in the enterprise, but also to the size of the independent software vendor (ISV) community that supports it.

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SharePoint administration and backend essentials

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SharePoint advice on governance and deployment

The SharePoint world is full of false starts as well as success stories. The analysts and consultants in the collaboration universe have lots of good SharePoint advice. Here's a selection of the best.

SharePoint training and staffing matters

One of the challenges of SharePoint deployment is the extra time and effort it can sometimes take to get it right. Proper SharePoint training and staffing is essential to ensuring that the platform is ready to go.

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Case studies, news and the future of SharePoint

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