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Read about the latest news and developments involving enterprise collaboration technology. Get best-practices advice from users and industry experts on evaluating and deploying enterprise collaboration tools, plus tips on how to manage and improve existing enterprise collaboration systems. Learn about new and emerging trends that are affecting collaboration technologies, the potential benefits and pitfalls of using collaboration software and key issues. Read case studies to see how other organizations are using enterprise collaboration technology and software. More about Collaboration

Content management

Looking for enterprise content management (ECM) technology news, best practices and advice? Here you’ll find the latest on the ECM industry, including information on ECM technology updates and expert tips on managing enterprise content management systems. Read news stories and case studies about companies that are evaluating, deploying and managing a content management system (CMS) or CMS suites. Learn about enterprise document management software, enterprise records management tools and applications, and enterprise content management software platforms, and find out what they can do for your business. Get insight into alternative ECM technology offerings, such as cloud content management and SaaS ECM tools. You’ll also find stories on enterprise Web content management software and content analytics tools, plus information on managing an ECM workflow. More about Content management

Enterprise search

Get news and best-practices advice on evaluating, implementing and managing enterprise search engine technology. Learn how to create an enterprise search strategy, with actionable tips from enterprise search experts. Read case studies on how other organizations are using enterprise search technology and learn from their experiences. Stay up to date on the latest developments and trends in the enterprise search market, including new product releases by enterprise search vendors. Take advantage of tutorials, guides, videos and podcasts that can help you improve your use of enterprise search software, with advice on topics such as selecting the right enterprise search tools for your organization and overcoming common challenges of using enterprise search engines and related technologies. More about Enterprise search

Information governance

Use the information resources in this section to learn about developing and implementing an information governance strategy for your organization. Get answers to the question, what is information governance? Find expert tips on content management governance, document management governance and information governance best practices. Stay up to date on the latest information governance software news, trends and market developments, and read case studies detailing the successes and problems that other organizations have had in creating an information governance framework and information governance policy. Also, take advantage of tutorials, guides, book excerpts and multimedia content to increase your knowledge of information governance management concepts. More about Information governance

Management & strategy

In this section, you’ll find articles, advice and other resources that can help you create and implement an information management strategy for your organization. Get expert tips and best-practices guidance on developing an enterprise content management strategy, collaboration strategy or Web content management strategy. Read news stories about enterprise information management (EIM) trends and new developments in EIM software, and learn about topics such as content management integration. Find out how other organizations have succeeded on information management strategy projects, and see how they’ve overcome common challenges and pitfalls. Further increase your knowledge on ECM strategy and related topics via tutorials, guides, videos and podcasts. More about Management & strategy

Knowledge management

In this section, you’ll find news, advice and other information resources on creating a knowledge management strategy and using knowledge management technology. Learn about knowledge management software trends and stay up to date on the latest developments in knowledge management tools, including new product releases by vendors. Get expert advice on evaluating knowledge management technologies and deploying a knowledge management system. Read case studies about organizations that have implemented knowledge management strategies and knowledge management applications, and get guidance on knowledge management best practices and potential benefits in tutorials, guides, book excerpts, videos and podcasts. More about Knowledge management