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Mar 22, 2005

Norwich goes for Autonomy

Norwich Union Life has commissioned Autonomy partner Amaze to supply a data search system to enhance its sales and marketing... Continue Reading


Oct 04, 2011

HP completes Autonomy deal

Hewlett-Packard has completed the buyout of Autonomy despite the departure of the man who coordinated the takeover. The deal masterminded by the former HP CEO Leo Apotheker was widely criticised for costing too ... Continue Reading


Feb 12, 2013

Accounting body launches Autonomy investigation

The Financial Reporting Council has launched an investagtion into Autonomy's reports in the lead up to its acquisition by HP Continue Reading


Feb 18, 2014

HP knew of Autonomy hardware sales tactics

New evidence suggests HP was aware of Autonomy’s accounting practices months before publicly condemning the company Continue Reading


Sep 10, 2012

Youngjohns steps into Autonomy hotseat

Former Microsoft executive Robert Youngjohns has been appointed by HP to run Autonomy stepping into the shoes of departed boss Mike Lynch Continue Reading


Aug 15, 2005

Autonomy upgrades mobile data search

Enterprise software provider Autonomy has upgraded its IDOL Mobile system to make it easier for corporate users to search and access corporate information from handheld devices. Continue Reading


Feb 02, 2011

Autonomy boosts profits by 17%

Software developer Autonomy saw end of year profits climb by 17%, up from $323m (£199m) in 2009. Sales were also up by 18% from $740m in 2009. Continue Reading


Jun 21, 2012

The future of Autonomy – one year on

Recent moves to subsume Autonomy into HP have lent increasing irony to the name. Nearly a year after the £7.1bn acquisition, we examine Autonomy's future Continue Reading


Oct 23, 2008

Autonomy dominates search space, reports IDC

Autonomy dominates the worldwide data search and discovery market, according to a report from analyst IDC.

IDC says Autonomy holds a commanding share...

Continue Reading


Jun 14, 2007

Autonomy's Cardiff gives BPM to smartphone users

Cardiff, a division of Autonomy, has begun shipping Cardiff LiquidOffice Version 5.0. Continue Reading