AIIM’s take on information management and the mobile social enterprise

John Mancini, president of AIIM (Association of Information and Image Management) opened the AIIM Conference 2012 with a keynote titled, I'm Sitting in My Starbucks Office with My PC, My Android Tablet, and My iPhone. Now What? His answer is that organizations need to do a better job capturing the interest of increasingly mobile workers as well as their customers so they are compelled to use new enterprise collaboration media and tools and technologies. As a result, the workforce becomes more effective, customers interact more with organizations and the enterprise improves its bottom line.

“Social, local and mobile technologies are shifting information management and driving organizations to create new systems of engagement,” Mancini said during his address. “My belief is that employee and customer engagement are key to leveraging technology.” That, in turn, he told the 670 attendees of the conference, leads to business success. Mancini opened a two-and-a-half day conference that featured keynotes and breakout sessions surrounding the theme of information management and enterprise content management facilitated by social media and mobile technologies.

In this video interview with at AIIM 2012 in San Francisco, Mancini discussed what enterprises need to do to extract more value from their workforces and find real success in a mobile world.

Viewers of the six-minute video will learn:

  • How an organization’s approach to customer and employee engagement strategy can greatly affect its ability to leverage technology and achieve success
  • Why involving partners and employees deeply in the social collaborative processes needs to be an strategic enterprise priority
  • What kind of radical changes are currently being driven and will continue to be driven by technology
  • The ways these technologies will eventually merge to become the “digital dial tones for organizations
  • The importance of making sure organizations keep themselves positioned to make the best use of young talent
  • Some critical lessons to ensure enterprises continue to become collaborative and  why flexibility is so important

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