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Proper content management is essential for companies to administer digital content and maintain paperless offices and multimedia files. SearchContentManagement.com provides online content managers, digital media marketing specialists, and document imaging specialists with a wide range of resources to help organizations collaborate more effectively and leverage unstructured data as a corporate asset.

Key technologies covered include enterprise content management (ECM)/Web content management, collaboration platforms, enterprise search, social media, omnichannel marketing strategies, information governance and other information management technologies. Read up on tips from experts in the ECM domain, including consultant Shawn Shell and author Pamela DeLoatch, who specialize in B2B and technology issues. Our Ask the Experts page has you covered.

Our site will allow you to make fully-informed choices about which content management systems to utilize, how to better protect your data, and much more.

And, yes, we also have original daily news, discussion forums, Webcasts and customized research too!

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  • Read up on current news and trends through our ward-winning, vendor-independent news and analysis
  • Search our comprehensive library for useful How-To guides on any ECM-related topic
  • Share tips, ask questions and network with other engaged, active IT professionals in our ITKnowledge Exchange
  • Access our hand-selected white papers and Webcasts that address the most relevant ECM and collaboration trends, issues and solutions

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Hey, get to know our sister site:

SearchDataManagement.com covers a range of data management topics including data integration technology, data management resources, database management systems, data virtualizations, enterprise application integration (ETI), SOA data services, and much more, SearchDataManagement.com is a broad resource for professionals to seek more knowledge and insight into a problem or a solution.

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