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How are features in SharePoint 2013 different from 2010?

The latest version of SharePoint is missing features that are available in SharePoint 2010. But other functionality and features in SharePoint 2013 can serve the same purposes.

SharePoint 2013 has dropped quite a few features that are available in SharePoint 2010. This might seem odd, given SharePoint 2013's ambitions to advance the product both as a social platform and a content management environment. What has been dropped? The Document and Meeting Workspace templates; organization profiles; the PowerPoint Broadcast feature; and, believe it or not, Web analytics.

These features are exactly the features you'd expect Microsoft would not only keep as part of SharePoint, but enhance. The explanation is that most of that functionality has been preserved -- it is just available in a different form.

For instance, the Document Workspace has now been subsumed by Team Sites, and the Meeting Workspace and PowerPoint Broadcast have been deprecated to encourage more teams to meet and present via Lync (which has grown considerably in functionality). Organization profiles have been phased out to promote the general social philosophy of "users and groups first" in SharePoint and clarify the platform's social orientation in the user community's mind. And Web analytics, which tended to slow the system in large-scale deployments, has been moved over to SharePoint 2013 Search.

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