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How can cloud file sharing improve content security?

LWOB transmits sensitive information around the globe. Cloud file sharing helps it minimize security pain points for collaboration and data management.

The motto of Lawyers Without Borders is "crossing borders to make a difference," and the organization uses cloud file sharing to facilitate discussion of sensitive matters between far-flung colleagues.

Secure collaborative workspaces and content controls are two key features the cloud file sharing app Intralinks provides for LWOB. In practice, how does a cloud file sharing platform boost content security?

Intralinks allows you to make a decision about sharing every time you exchange a document. When an email is about to go out with an attachment, I get an option on my screen and it asks if I want to send the document as a workspace, which is more secure, or as an attachment. This feature forces users to consider if it's a document that ought to be shared in a more secure setting than an email.

The document expiration feature is another helpful management tool. Users can go into the system and set expiry dates on documents. Three months from now, I might forget a document was up there, but if I've set expiry dates, I don't have to worry about it. When we don't need that document anymore, it'll be automatically purged from the system.

About the author: 
Christina Storm is founder of Lawyers Without Borders.

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