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How can mobile backend as a service improve WCM?

Information siloes can be a roadblock for delivering interactive mobile Web experiences. MBaaS can help WCM provide a more seamless integration.

Companies are striving to deliver mobile Web experiences for users that are personalized and interactive. Improving thce user's mobile experience requires access to multiple channels of communication, such as video and social media. However, seamlessly integrating the necessary information siloes is beyond the capacity of many Web content management (WCM) deployments.

Mobile backend as a service (MBaas) can provide that cohesion, and can be a viable alternative to costly WCM upgrades. What is the best way to approach the question of mobile back-end services?

First you have to zero in on the total experience you want to create to reach your business goal.

If you've been investing in Web content management for some time, consider how you are organizing and storing content. You need to work through your information architecture and define the sets of taxonomies and encode metadata as part of the overall management environment. These are the kind of things that come out of the box with third-generation WCM environments.

The next step is defining the integration and what kinds of back-end information sources you need to create these mobile experiences and digital experiences. There's going to be data and information coming from the mobile device that's very important to creating a better experience. Can you recognize a person's location and other sensor information as part of the content exchange? You want to consider what you're planning to do with all of the information coming from the mobile device and how you're going to manage it.

Next you want to evaluate what your WCM platform will support, what's going to be missing and how to fill any gaps. From there it's a question of whether to extend your current WCM platform or to procure additional back-end services.

It's a question of trying to figure out what you need to create a more interactive and engaging environment.

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