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How can the Twitter acquisition of Periscope change the enterprise?

Expert Scott Robinson discusses the effect of the latest Twitter acquisition of Periscope and how it can shake up the enterprise.

The Twitter acquisition of Periscope is compelling because it will help the enterprise communicate well and will empower members of the enterprise to communicate in new and different ways. Live streaming is blossoming everywhere currently, so it was just a matter of time before Twitter would want to be included in this transformation.

The way Twitter is used in the enterprise can be limiting and inconvenient. You want to send information in a way to stimulate a dialogue. That's been lacking in Twitter, and it's been a handicap. For the enterprise, it is not enough to just tweet; you want to be able to interact with other members.

Now, with the Twitter acquisition of Periscope, live streaming is a possibility. You can show a process, speak directly to a consumer and stay within the Twitter app to interact with customers. You can transmit information in a new way with real-time feedback. That's a huge plus. This would allow Twitter to compete with the likes of Facebook and have an advantage in the enterprise.

Along those lines, users in the enterprise have certain expectations when it comes to video conferencing. It's not possible to transmit everyone in a meeting through Twitter, and live streaming may fall short in this arena. It's definitely a disadvantage and downside of the Twitter acquisition. There will be times a user will want to use Periscope, but it probably won't replace enterprise meeting functionality. Twitter needs to come closer to these capabilities for it to become an enterprise-ready tool that is about more than sharing 140-character texts.

Ultimately, Twitter wants to get people to think in new ways. The Twitter acquisition of Periscope gives us live feed capability to stimulate us to think of new ways to communicate.

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