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How will mobile security management shape the ECM market?

An ECM expert outlines some of the questions enterprises should be asking themselves about mobile data security in the enterprise -- and how vendors may try to respond.

Companies have finally woken up to the idea that there isn't one unified trend for how these mobile devices are connecting into enterprise networks. It's from commercial entities and from employees interacting with their systems to preserve their content and using different devices to get that done. The issue also crosses over into public and private health information, what physicians are exchanging and with whom, how patients get access to that data and where that data ends up.

Companies like Microsoft and IBM, as well as others like AirWatch, are producing tools that would allow enterprises to better manage not-owned assets -- meaning the employee brings their phone or tablet into work and they begin to use it to complete enterprise tasks rather than personal tasks. How do we clearly segregate enterprise content, or health content that perhaps isn't owned by the employee, from the personal data that they might manage outside of work? Once the employee leaves the employ of an enterprise, what happens to the data? How do we control it? Or, what if the employee leaves their phone in the back of a cab or it gets stolen -- what happens to the data and how do we control it?

These conversations are going to happen more frequently. We'll see many more solutions and some specific best practices emerge where everyone will agree, "This is how you do things."

Right now there are a lot of voices around these topics. There's not one very clear winner. With mobile device transition and file formats and different cloud approaches -- Amazon versus Google versus VMware versus Microsoft -- everybody has a different way of approaching simple storage. There is going to be a reckoning because we're at the point where things are mature and we need to have a discussion about how to approach these problems more universally rather than using these point solutions that have cropped up.

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