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Is cloud architecture bridging enterprise data silos?

Innovative cloud architecture is driving a sea change in IT strategy that's helping to break down long standing enterprise data silos.

I think it does. In the past, businesses had a CRM tool, an ERP tool, a content management tool, an HR management tool. You had all these different silos of information and they were all complex and difficult to implement, with long cycles that took many years to put in place. When you got them right, you froze them -- you didn't want to change anything that could cause them to break. 

Under that system, when developers came out with new versions of the software, companies would typically take years to upgrade. It really became a difficult model to sustain in this world where you're supposed to be agile and reactive. How can you do that if employees are using software from 2002?

From a software perspective, cloud architecture is constantly being upgraded. It doesn't have a three-year cycle for each new version, like SharePoint or Open Text, where users would need to take everything they had and replace it. It's more like an ongoing, iterative development and companies can take advantage of new functionality much quicker. In the wider context of being more agile, it gives businesses the most up-to-date tools to do that.

At the same time, these tools work better together. When you have open APIs and ways to develop tools on top of these systems that make sense for your organization, you can get things to work together in this kind of righteous ecosystem.

It's not a perfect world, but it's better than it was in the days of those proprietary, massive kinds of software packages that took years to update and remained locked in for long periods of time, because it was too hard and too scary to change.

If you can create a more connected system than what we had in the past, you have the potential to make more efficient use of personnel and information.

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