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SharePoint 2013 analytics provides new insight on internal users

Just as social media analytics tools mine customer data, SharePoint 2013 analytics allows enterprises to take stock of internal users' activities.

SharePoint 2013 analytics provides insight into a company's user trends and preferences. But these analytics can open up a whole new world of enterprise business intelligence, too. How can companies apply these tools internally?

Analytics in SharePoint serves basically the same function that analytics serves on the Internet in general. A SharePoint deployment is, for all practical purposes, a local Internet; it has all of the same features as the normal Internet and has content that may or may not be of interest to any particular user. It has the potential to deliver the same kind of understanding of in-house users that analytics on the outside gives us of customers. So, with SharePoint analytics we can target and focus our content deployment, making our internal products available to our internal users with the same efficiency, and efficiency is the bottom line when it comes to SharePoint.

Now, in order to achieve that efficiency, we want to be very targeted in terms of opening up access to content and making sure that typical users don't have to go fishing all over creation in order to get the content they need. SharePoint 2013 analytics gives us that focus and the ability to understand exactly what's happening with particular content right down to the individual file level. We can know exactly how often something's being accessed, who's accessing it and see what the patterns are in terms of access. We can really get to a granular level in terms of understanding how our content is deployed and making it more efficient.

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