Where can I find enterprise content management (ECM) best practices?

Find out where you can find enterprise content management (ECM) best practices for implementing ECM technology, plus links to useful ECM organizations for training and resources.

Where can I find information about enterprise content management (ECM) best practices?

Because of the breadth of ECM technology, one of the best ways to get guidance on best practices for ECM implementations is to talk to the members of peer organizations. Due to the amount of compliance requirements and nuances found in each industry, peers who have completed the ECM deployment process usually have a better idea of best practices than technology vendors do.

In addition to networking with peers, there are some organizations that provide generalized training and resources on ECM best practices:

  •  AIIM covers on a broad level everything that’s part of ECM.
  • ARMA International focuses in detail on the aspect of content management that relates to records management and records managers.
  • TAWPI concentrates on imaging and payment processing, with a primary focus on banks and financial institutions.

A combination of networking with peers, getting involved with those professional organizations and seeking out advice from industry experts should help give you a coherent picture of how to proceed with your particular implementation of ECM technology.

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