digital customer experience delivery platform (DCED platform)

Contributor(s): Lauren Horwitz

A digital customer experience delivery platform (DCED platform) is software that is used to create and manage structured content. The goal of a DCED platform is to support omnichannel marketing efforts and provide marketers with the ability to view marketing, sales and service metrics from a single pane of glass.

Marketers use DCED platforms to manage relationships with customers across disparate communication channels, including email, chat, social media, the phone and interaction with a company's website or sales representatives. This class of software helps provide marketers with a holistic view of individual customers by using application program interfaces (APIs) to aggregate information that the customer has already provided. DCED software typically combines traditional Web content management (WCM) functionality with more advanced customer experience management (CEM) capabilities to facilitate tracking brand awareness, competitive trends and campaign performance.

Digital customer experience delivery platforms are an outgrowth of traditional e-commerce software and Web content management systems. The difference is that DCED platforms include additional functionality such as Web analytics and content personalization and digital asset management. Some platforms also facilitate marketing automation and Web page A/B testing.

Key features of a DCED platform provide marketers with the ability to:

  • Enter content once and reuse it for different purposes.
  • Access customer data from multiple touchpoints.
  • Analyze customer data from multiple touchpoints in real-time.
  • Receive real-time alerts about changes in customer behavior.
  • Identify and resolve inefficiencies in operational processes.
This was last updated in January 2019

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Another Acryonym? I think we have had enough already. It's rumored that Gartner is again changing UXP (User Experience Platform) to DXP or (Digital Experience Platform), but it isn't just a digital file's a living breathing digital eco-system. I think a more fitting name would be 'One Tool' because that is the claim here……end the cobbled together nightmare of multiple applications working side by side, in favor of one streamlined Flow of information (I believe it used to be called Knowledge Management) which was a fitting title. Worse yet is that out of all the vendors Gartner covers, only one vendor, Oxcyon (who creates a platform called Centralpoint, which bears a strikingly similar name to Sharepoint) is the only one who updates their technology (even if it is on premise) bi-weekly.
Of the many vendors I have sat in on demos, they are all equally confusing. Part of the issue is the 'label' of what it is in the first place. I mean, yes, it does involve content management, but also document management, and then single sign on, integration, there is just too much. Open Text does a great job calling it a 'ENTERPRISE INFORMATION MANAGEMENT system (EIM), but even that is a little vague. Oxcyon, who makes a product called Centralpoint, calls it an 'ecosystem', or Digital Experience Platform, which seems to be closer to mark because the management of information goes 'both ways' so it is an ecosystem.