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Microsoft MyAnalytics

Contributor(s): Lauren Horwitz

Microsoft MyAnalytics, formerly Delve Analytics, is an application designed to help employees and their managers gain insight into how workers spend their time, with the goal of optimizing tasks and making them more efficient. MyAnalytics is part of the Office 365 cloud-based suite of productivity applications.

MyAnalytics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning and draws on data generated by a worker's behavior as well as his or her interaction with various applications in the Office 365 suite, focusing on such application use as email, calendar and files used. The MyAnalytics App can learn who a certain worker meets with often and make recommendations about other connections within a company that might be useful or provide related material for a meeting based on the meeting's attendees. MyAnalytics can take note of hours of work time during the work day and patterns of work and focus on after-hours time spent on work. The app can then make certain recommendations about how to free up a worker's time and make certain tasks more efficient.

Applications like MyAnalytics are welcomed in some human resource circles, where the goal is to make employees productive, efficient and content in the workplace. The philosophy is that analytics about worker tasks can benefit the team as a whole by making everyone most productive. MyAnalytics can develop reports and dashboards based on a specific worker's productivity. Other applications for human capital management, talent management and continuous performance management apps can also converge with this data to optimize staffing configurations and worker processes.

At the same time, however, workers, managers and even industry observers have expressed concern about employees' tasks being monitored. Many are concerned that constant monitoring of tasks such as writing emails, creating meetings or opening certain documents violates the employee's privacy and simply aggregates data that could be used to justify a negative performance review. Microsoft has striven to assure users that the data is private. "Only you can view your personal data," says Microsoft's MyAnalytics page.

This was last updated in January 2017

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