Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 is a collaboration platform that is closely integrated with Microsoft Office and Active Directory.

Users with the appropriate permissions can quickly develop and build websites with SharePoint Server 2010, whether they have prior programming knowledge or not. These websites can be used to manage collaboration tools such as document libraries, discussion boards, shared task lists, shared calendars, blogs, wikis and surveys.

SharePoint 2010 facilitates secure collaboration by enabling users to adjust the permissions on content so that it can be shared and secured according to user preference. SharePoint 2010 enables the monitoring, auditing and control of content that can be placed into a highly structured site with information policies that determine how and when to change or dispose of it based on content lifecycle rules. Alternately, content can be placed into a large unstructured area of collaboration or content storage, where search functions enable users to find documents.

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 can store versions of each piece of content based on its configuration, enabling version-tracking and easy restoration of previous versions. It can also provide reporting capabilities as well as rules-based notifications and alerts.

See also: Windows Sharepoint Services (WSS), Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), SharePoint farm



This was last updated in January 2013

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