digital user experience

Contributor(s): Lauren Horwitz
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Digital user experience is the take-away feeling an end user has after an experience in a digital environment. Traditionally, the digital user experience (UX) was the province of Web designers and Web content management.

Today, digital UX still refers to elements such as colors, layout, navigability and performance of a webpage -- but in addition, it may also refer to elements such as how intuitive a page or mobile app is, how efficiently users can complete actions (how many clicks or swipes are required) or how well integrated an app or page is with other applications.

Accordingly, the scope of digital UX has broadened as the sophistication of online environments has grown and diversified beyond a webpage to encompass wearables as well as applications that incorporate virtual reality and augmented reality components. Digital UX now has to encompass these many entities and also factor in usability from the perspective of a user having many devices and, possibly, multiple identities in his consumer and professional lives. Customer journey maps can play an important role in helping to evaluate digital user experience and understand a user's motivation, point of entry and frustrations that impede engagement.

This was last updated in May 2016

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