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April 2016

Context-aware applications deliver mobile moments

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For businesses, it's all about adding and retaining customers. As online digital experiences become more personalized and interactive, customers can be won or lost depending on the kind of message they receive on their devices. Context-aware applications anticipate a particular customer need and serve up content accordingly. Linking context with customer intentions can be complicated but immensely rewarding. Context-aware applications embrace practically every aspect of an effective sales strategy, including marketing automation, Web content management, cognitive computing, location-based services and responsive website design. Mobile data, location and time are important factors for an online environment that senses a customer's situation and responds smartly.

This three-part handbook takes an in-depth look at the state of context-aware computing. In the first feature, consultant Geoff Bock details how the mobile moments that context-aware content delivers to consumers is critical to enhancing online digital experiences. In the second feature, Laurence Hart emphasizes that a context-aware strategy must account for a person's preferences, mobile device and reason for browsing. Then the customer engagement must be timed just right without being invasive. Bock returns in the third feature to explain machine learning's role in helping companies deliver more tailored, user-specific online experiences.

About The Author

Laurence Hart - Director of Consulting Services

Laurence Hart is an information professional with over 20 years ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Context-aware content amps up online experience
  • Engage customers without crossing the line
  • Machine learning can fuel smarter online experiences

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