Sentiment analysis software takes social media monitoring to new level

Marketing's next movement: Social media sentiment analysis tools

AI-powered social media sentiment analysis tools are becoming the barometer for brands to monitor what customers are tweeting, posting and otherwise telling the internet how they feel about various products.

These tools not only offer insights on positive versus negative chatter, but they can also craft sophisticated demographic breakdowns of who's saying what: How are you playing in Poughkeepsie? Are middle-aged women waffling about whether to buy your product or a competitor's? Has a group of malcontents in Milwaukee started a complaint campaign that's catching on from Charleston to Carlsbad?

Like the obstacles many IT initiatives encounter, the main barriers to adoption of social media sentiment analysis tools are cost and data integration. It's one thing to purchase a subscription to these powerful social media crawlers, but it's quite another to figure out where to send the insights and how to act upon them in a unified, consistent way across the enterprise to drive better sales, improve brand perception and fulfill the customer journey.

This handbook delves into some of the features and capabilities of social media and AI tools available to customer relationship management professionals, such as IBM's Watson and Salesforce's Einstein. You'll also learn what you need to consider before purchasing social monitoring and AI tools, including which platforms to monitor, how to listen to customers on social media and the rules of engagement for interacting with them to affect positive outcomes based on business goals.