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A guide to SharePoint migration

This Essential Guide contains expert advice related to SharePoint migration, including best practices and details on SharePoint 2013 capabilities. It also features coverage of the 2014 SharePoint Technology Conference.


SharePoint migration decisions have become more complicated due to the rapidly expanding volume of enterprise content and evolving user needs and expectations. Trends like social media, mobility and cloud computing have influenced enterprise collaboration and content management, prompting new features in SharePoint 2013 and making SharePoint Online an appealing option for some workloads.

While companies may find that SharePoint 2010 meets their content management and collaboration needs, some are considering SharePoint 2013, while others have questions about migrating content from third-party content management systems to SharePoint environments.

Others are considering SharePoint Online, the cloud-based version of the platform. It can reduce maintenance and management headaches and ease the experience for remote workers or third-party contractors. But migrating to SharePoint Online can also break site customizations, so user beware.

No matter the type of migration, concerns about SharePoint architecture, data integrity, governance and performance remain important. The growing significance of metadata as a way to categorize information and make it more findable adds another layer of complexity to any SharePoint migration.

Beyond the technical challenges, IT and content management professionals must also make the business case for upgrading SharePoint and encourage user adoption of new features. Without solid business buy-in and cooperation from end users, even the smoothest SharePoint deployment can fail.

Below, check out our guide on issues related to SharePoint migration, as well as our coverage of the 2014 SPTech conference.

1Conference coverage-

SPTechCon 2014 coverage

Check out SearchContentManagement's latest coverage of SPTechCon 2014, which takes place in San Francisco April 22 through April 25.


Adopting SharePoint 2013 social features

For SharePoint 2013's newfangled social features like newsfeeds and microblogging to work in the enterprise, companies need to have a culture that promotes the free sharing of information. Continue Reading


Improving user adoption of SharePoint ECM features

Users are unlikely to embrace SharePoint for enterprise content management unless it’s clear that the features will help them do their jobs, so matching ECM functionality to business objectives is essential. Continue Reading


SharePoint 2013 migration prompts a fresh look at governance

A SharePoint migration or upgrade gives companies a chance to clear out stale content and draw users' attention back to information governance practices. Continue Reading


Preparing content for SharePoint 2013's improved search

SharePoint 2013's search won't provide much value with disorganized content and missing metadata. A migration may be the perfect time to put sites and content back in order so that useful information can be accessed when needed. Continue Reading

2Migration advice-

Planning a SharePoint upgrade

SharePoint migration can be difficult and time-consuming, and recent trends in content management don't make it any easier. The sheer volume and complexity of content in many modern SharePoint environments can make a migration seem overwhelming. New features in SharePoint 2013, including social and mobile capabilities, as well as the option to move to the cloud with SharePoint Online, have made the decisions and practices surrounding SharePoint migration even tougher. But the basic tenets of a successful SharePoint migration remain the same: evaluate existing infrastructure and business needs and take steps to ensure that a new SharePoint environment will cooperate with both. Here's advice on planning and implementing a SharePoint upgrade that takes new developments into consideration.


Avoid metadata danger when upgrading SharePoint

Metadata issues and complicated information structures can make SharePoint migrations a hazardous undertaking. Here's how to spot and sidestep potential landmines. Continue Reading


Lay the groundwork for a SharePoint migration

Before migrating to a new version of SharePoint, prepare users for the change and take inventory of your existing environment. Continue Reading


How to plan a SharePoint 2013 training program

A SharePoint upgrade will only be worthwhile if an organization's employees can figure out how to use it. Here's how to help end users navigate this complex application. Continue Reading


Weigh the larger implications of a SharePoint upgrade

With the new features and functionality of SharePoint 2013 come questions about hardware upgrades, storage needs and cloud concerns. Continue Reading


Facing SharePoint migration fears

SharePoint migration can be scary, expert Scott Robinson points out in this podcast. Find out how avoid common mistakes. Continue Reading


SharePoint migration in the real world

SharePoint 2013 offers exciting new functionality, but there are always unexpected obstacles when it comes to migration. This collection of case studies reveals some of the benefits and challenges of upgrading to SharePoint 2013. Continue Reading


When does SharePoint Online make sense?

Many companies still need SharePoint on-premises to manage internal content, but the benefits of SharePoint Online are also worth considering. Continue Reading


Making the business case for SharePoint 2013

Businesses that are hesitant about migrating to SharePoint 2013 may be overlooking potential cost savings and efficiency gains. Here's some advice on building the business case for a SharePoint upgrade. Continue Reading


Step-by-step guide to SharePoint migration

From Database Attach to a manual migration, there are several approaches to SharePoint migration to consider. This step-by-step takes you through the assessment phase to planning to triage and testing and beyond. Continue Reading


Migrating to SharePoint Online a net gain?

Migrating to SharePoint Online as compared with SharePoint 2013 on-premises involves some tradeoffs which aren't trivial. Continue Reading

3SharePoint 2013-

SharePoint 2013 features

As mobile devices and social media platforms change the way we share ideas, the new features in SharePoint 2013 can help foster better collaboration within the enterprise. But SharePoint 2013 has more to offer than modernized social and mobile capabilities -- updates to team sites and capabilities like e-discovery can also help encourage collaboration and manage content, while keeping the flow of information from proliferating beyond the realm of usefulness. For companies trying to decide if a SharePoint 2013 migration is the right choice, or for those who need advice on gaining business value from their investment, here are more details on what SharePoint 2013 can do.


How SharePoint 2013 sites help break down silos

The key to better enterprise collaboration is to remove barriers between workers, and the new capabilities of SharePoint 2013's sites can help do just that. Continue Reading


Don't overlook these SharePoint 2013 features

The new social and mobile capabilities of SharePoint 2013 may be exciting, but other updated features in the latest version can be just as valuable. Continue Reading


Changes to SharePoint search and navigation

Rather than relying on physical, hierarchical structure, SharePoint 2013 adds search-powered navigation that may make locating content easier. Continue Reading


How to mine Exchange Server data with SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 allows better integration with Exchange Server and Microsoft Lync, making e-discovery less time-consuming and costly. Continue Reading


The 'gifts and duds' in SharePoint's out-of-the-box features

SharePoint 2013 has made major advances in terms of out-of-the-box features, but the latest version still needs improvement in a few areas. Continue Reading


What the social trend means for SharePoint users

SharePoint has joined the social revolution with features like microblogging, tagging and newsfeeds, but beware -- don't let social collaboration devolve into meaningless noise. Continue Reading

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