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Analytics technologies lend enterprise content management a hand

This Essential Guide contains information selected by our editors to give you a comprehensive view of the ways analytics technologies are affecting enterprise content management.


As enterprise content proliferates and generates new formats, having the right information at the right time is becoming increasingly critical to businesses' competitive edge. Companies are turning to analytics technologies not only to reduce the risks of retaining large amounts of information but also to derive additional business value from the data.

Culling data and taking a more careful approach to the creation of content can take a slice out of the problem, but analytics technologies and practices are becoming more important in understanding enterprise content in a way that can increase productivity, enhance customer relationships, boost sales and even generate new product ideas.

As enterprise employees search through large volumes of content to find the information they need to do their jobs, customers outside company walls expect a new level of content accessibility and engagement. Now, social media data has added to the complexity, prompting organizations to wonder how much they should invest in monitoring and analyzing the unstructured data on social media platforms.

Through methods like text mining and sentiment analysis, companies can monitor the unstructured data from social platforms. But these formats pose new challenges in terms of how to parse the data and find meaning. Social conversations are full of slang and nuance that straightforward monitoring and analysis may miss, making the data less valuable.

In general, analyzing data in an accurate, meaningful way isn't easy -- and not every enterprise can afford to hire a data scientist. Fortunately, emerging tools may begin to level the playing field by making data analytics simple enough for business users.

Below, check out our Essential Guide on issues related to using analytics for enterprise content management.


Trends in ECM analytics

Analytics tools can provide insight into the way people generate and use content, allowing businesses to improve content accessibility for employees and external parties. Even records managers may benefit from using analytics to keep an eye on governance-related issues like keeping too many documents and for too long.

In addition to enterprise content analytics and Web content analytics, enterprises are also concerned with the complex task of analyzing social media data. The unstructured nature of this data and the richness of language and sentiment on social media platforms make meaningful social media monitoring and analytics tough but valuable.


Data analytics offers records management benefits

Companies are enlisting new big data technologies to help navigate the increasingly complex world of records management. Continue Reading


Business intelligence improves with content analytics

By applying business intelligence and business analytics practices to enterprise information, content analytics can track the ways workers access and use content, make content more easily accessible and improve business decisions. Continue Reading


How to dictate a smart Web content analytics strategy

Companies need to look beyond basic data such as page views and measure the engagement of their audience. Continue Reading


Attivio democratizes data analytics

The latest release of Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine aims to make data analytics more accessible by allowing more granular searches, thus simplifying the user experience. Continue Reading


A guide to social media monitoring and analytics

Social media monitoring and analytics can provide insight on customers and help steer external content as well as marketing efforts, but choosing the right tools and strategies remains tricky. Continue Reading


Companies aim for customer experience overhaul using analytics

To prevent loss of business due to social media diatribes, companies are looking to revamp their customers' experience with analytics initiatives. Continue Reading


Social media: The world's largest focus group

It has become essential for companies to analyze the social media chatter about their products. Analytics has entered the fray and makes it easier to glean meaningful information from posts. Continue Reading


SharePoint analytics

SharePoint 2013 now provides analytics capabilities that can improve content management and boost business intelligence by providing insight into user trends both internally and externally. But despite the new features, the challenge for enterprises still lies in correctly analyzing and using the data.


Better BI through SharePoint analytics

SharePoint analytics provides insight into user trends and preferences, but it is important to take the right perspective when analyzing the data Continue Reading


SharePoint analytics empowers decision-makers

With more mature analytics features, SharePoint 2013 can support real-time decision making, but making sense of this data is the challenge. Continue Reading


Could SharePoint big data analytics become a reality?

Organizations are questioning whether SharePoint -- which has historically not supported complex analytics -- now wields the power to provide meaningful insights on big data. Continue Reading


SharePoint analytics for public-facing sites

SharePoint 2013 can give an enterprise insights not only on its internal content and users, but the ways people access and use its external content as well. Continue Reading


Videos related to enterprise content analytics

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Knowing when to cleanse dirty data

With the analysis of unstructured data from social media platforms becoming more important to enterprises, an expert weighs in on when it is appropriate to clean up the raw information.


The smarter approach to information management

Information management is becoming the competitive edge for businesses. An expert outlines the shift in how companies can use their information intelligently.


Important terms related to analytics and ECM

Check out the definitions below to learn more about commonly used terms related to analytics technologies and ECM and the distinctions among them.

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