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Change Agents: Leaders in business applications

The articles in this guide profile various business applications technology projects and the agents of change who made them possible.


It takes plenty of zeal and determination to execute a successful business applications initiative. Whether the project focuses on launching a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) or customer relationship management (CRM) system, a new content management application or a cloud computing system, the goal of effecting real change requires planning, homework and strength of character.

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With this guide, you'll get to know many Change Agents, people who have carried out business applications and content management projects from the start and produced positive results for their organizations. These tales of transformation are full of advice about how to use technology to improve the way business is done. Our Change Agents profiles offer real inspiration and solid guidance on how to conduct a career at the crossroads of business and IT.


Using technology to solve business problems

In this section, readers will learn about how business-applications and analytics technology professionals have used their resources to push through projects that have solved various problems and inefficiencies.


Piecing together a new records management strategy

Faced with the task of organizing a law firm's records, Alexander Campbell found that choosing the right records management software was much more complicated than just testing systems and making a purchase. While the firm's technology had to be updated to solve the problem, IT and business needs weighed heavy on the buying decision. Continue Reading


The secret sauce of enterprise social collaboration

Change Agent Dawn Lacallade of LiveWorld knows the secret sauce of successful enterprise social collaboration. She also knows when a company’s culture will stop collaboration in its tracks. Continue Reading


Rehmann Financial ECM project leads to organization-changing BPM initiative

When Amy Flourry and other Rehmann Financial employees first started planning their enterprise content management (ECM) project, their goals were mainly to eliminate paper-based files and streamline compliance tasks, but the project ended up becoming even more transformative than they initially thought, as it ultimately led to a new focus on business process management. Continue Reading


Making business decisions with an intelligent search engine

Sid Probstein has years of experience working with enterprise search. Now he’s taking that experience to the C suite to create data-driven business decision making. Continue Reading


MedicAlert devises PUMA system to ease EBS implementation

When MedicAlert finally decided to update its decade-old ERP system, it faced resistance from employees who had worked only with the old system. In this article, Karen Lamoree discusses the project and the PUMA program they created to combat resistance to the change. Continue Reading


Former DJ helps businesses do customer engagement like rock stars

Former Houston DJ Dayna Steele wants you to know that customer engagement has more to do with rock n' roll than you might think. Continue Reading


Supply chain sustainability leader at DuPont works for greener world

In this industry leader profile, DuPont's Peter Murray reflects on his career in supply chain sustainability. Continue Reading


Using technology to redefine and streamline business strategies

In this section, readers can learn about how various business applications technology professionals were able to redefine business strategies and bring about organizational change through different kinds of technology initiatives.


Talent management tools essential in Standard Life transformation

Oracle Fusion HCM Talent Management underpins Sandy Begbie's push to align employee performance with Standard Life's customer-driven business strategy. Continue Reading


Proformative CEO looks to create Yelp for finance tech

As a four-time CFO and now CEO of the online corporate finance community Proformative, John Kogan has a unique view of what finance executives are talking about. With the premiere of the Proformative Exchange, a Yelp-like online community for sharing knowledge about finance technology, Kogan hopes to simplify the buying process for his fellow CFOs. Continue Reading


Pandora's head of IT encourages IT to embrace cloud apps

Richard Rothschild has spent 25 years in the IT industry and has served as the head of IT at four companies, including his current position at Pandora. Here he shares why he has become such a big proponent of cloud applications and outlines the benefits of moving to the cloud. Continue Reading


CIO gets Bally Total Fitness CRM techniques into shape

Guy Thier has utilized his extensive CRM experience to drastically transform Bally Total Fitness' image. In this article he talks about the changes they have made and gives an overview of how they have used CRM techniques to change the company culture. Continue Reading


Manufacturer puts its stamp on the cloud with Plex ERP

For smaller companies like Principal Manufacturing Corp., keeping up with an in-house ERP system may be too much to handle. That's why Principal Manufacturing decided to make the switch to the hosted Plex ERP system, allowing them to refocus their resources for improved efficiency. Continue Reading


ConAgra Foods VP builds up HR analytics program from scratch

As the VP of ConAgra Foods' People Insights division, Mark Berry has worked tirelessly to spur the company's focus on self-service HR analytics and facilitate a move from the company's old, homegrown system to HR analytics software from Visier Inc. Continue Reading


Careers in business applications technology

In this section, readers will learn about the careers of several agents of change and their secrets to success in the professions of business applications and analytics.


More to see from contact center industry lifetime-achievement winner

With a career that has spanned three decades, Gerry Barber has been a force for change in the contact center and CRM world. In an interview with SearchCRM, Barber spoke about the technological and cultural shifts in the CRM industry and about what call centers need to be successful. Continue Reading


How Tracy Kleinschmidt makes Oracle apps work for her

Now a strategic consultant at Zebra Technologies, Tracy Kleinschmidt never imagined she would be cut out for a career in technology until an interim role led to a promotion that would drastically alter her career plans. In this article, Kleinschmidt reveals how she got where she is and how she has adapted to the tech world. Continue Reading


Former JD Edwards employee still a proud fan of Oracle products

As a JD Edwards employee, Jennifer Barton experienced an Oracle acquisition firsthand and has since been both an Oracle employee and partner. Now vice president of IT at Westmoreland Coal Co., Barton shares her thoughts on Oracle products and why she still works with them years later. Continue Reading


Nadia Bendjedou guides E-Business Suite with positivity

Nadia Bendjedou has given her career direction with her positive mental attitude, making sure that she is doing what she likes and is being challenged. After leaving earlier jobs because she wanted a greater degree of difficulty, she says that she has stayed at Oracle because she loves the challenges, opportunities and constant learning. Continue Reading


Professor brings global view to supply chain research

Supply chain researcher Chad Autry has a long history in the industry and has written more than 40 articles and books about supply chains. In this article, Autry discusses his career and offers advice for the supply chain professionals of tomorrow. Continue Reading


CedarCrestone VP takes the lead on people-driven HR survey

Alexia Martin, research and analytics vice president at CedarCrestone, has focused her enthusiasm for data into her work as the author of the firm's annual HR Systems Survey. Here she shares her thoughts on the survey's results and the future of HR technology. Continue Reading

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