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Enterprise records management trends guide

This Essential Guide contains information selected by our editors to give you a comprehensive view of the latest trends in enterprise records management and also contains coverage of the ARMA Live 2013 conference.


If data center records managers didn't have enough to worry about a few years ago, technology trends have only magnified their problems.

Today, information has proliferated exponentially, and locations where this rapidly growing data storm can reside are exploding. Trends like mobility and social media have brought these issues of information growth to the fore.

As a result, records managers are "kind of paralyzed," remarked Steve Goodfellow, the president of Access Systems Inc., an IT services firm in Manlius, N.Y., and a speaker at the ARMA Live 2013 conference. He talked with SearchContentManagement about some of the trends driving records management, information governance and e-discovery.

According to Goodfellow, one of the first steps in getting a handle on records management trends is to take a meaningful inventory of what you have. He and other experts also vehemently recommend managing your digital and physical records' "estates" as a single entity.

Leigh Isaacs also weighed in on ways in which organizations can -- and must -- get proactive about information governance. According to Isaacs, predictive coding is one way that organizations can take a more assertive and organized approach to organizing their inventory for meaningful search and discovery.

Check out our brief guide on issues related to enterprise content and records management trends below, as well as our ARMA conference coverage.

1Conference coverage -

ARMA Live 2013 conference

Check out SearchContentManagement's latest coverage of the upcoming ARMA Live 2013 conference, being held in Las Vegas, Oct. 28 through Oct 30.


A proactive approach to information governance

Paying lawyers $500 an hour to find the right documents for your company's legal defense is a poor use of your resources. Tactics like predictive coding for proactive information governance can help. Continue Reading


Centralized approach to records management

According to expert Steve Goodfellow, a centralized approach to records management is the best way to organize your records' estate and ensure backup, ease of employee use and proper discoverability should you need it. Continue Reading


Tips for information governance

The proliferation of data and its location on a variety of devices have made the job of records managers more difficult. But there are some basic principles to remember to ease the pain of managing records. Continue Reading


Avoid paper-based problems with electronic data management

In this video, expert Larry Ponemon explains how electronic data management software can help your organization avoid paper-based problems and start thinking about securing information regardless of format. Continue Reading


Cloud, mobility shake up records managment and information governance

Expert Steve Goodfellow talks about the latest records management trends and how it's been disrupted by cloud and mobility. Continue Reading


Privacy issues divide record managers at ARMA Live 2013

A two-hour panel on governance, risk, compliance and data privacy revealed the differences of opinion record managers have regarding these issues. Continue Reading


Increase benefits with social business

Jesse Wilkins, director of research and development at the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), elaborates on the benefits of social media in business, including reducing costs and increasing revenue. Continue Reading


Trends in records management

Increasingly, data experts counsel a cohesive approach to records management that considers electronic and physical files together and also considers records management in the context of a broader enterprise content management strategy.


Information governance give records managers new roles

The increasing focus on information governance has given records managers new roles as experts in information governance and management. Continue Reading


Fallacies that hinder effective records management

The current pace of information creation and collection makes it imperative for organizations to begin viewing records and content through a single lens. Continue Reading


Visibility core challenge in records management

Many organizations haven't taken an inventory of their information and have no strategy for managing that information, says information security consultant and author Kevin Beaver. Continue Reading


Better lifecycle management for records need, says an expert

Having an approach to lifecycle management and retention practices becomes critical as information sources explode, says Brian Hill, a principal analyst at Forrester Research. Continue Reading


Broaden narrow view of records management

Cost-benefit analysis of records management won't always yield a direct ROI, but taking a broad view will help justify RM initiatives more easily. Continue Reading


Certifications and ECM

Can records manager certifications give content management professionals a leg up with prospective employers? Continue Reading


Taming document chaos

Proper planning is the way to rein in document disarray. Continue Reading


The 'mainstreaming' of ECM systems

Enterprise content management has gotten more mainstream to address the myriad document needs of companies, but it has also gotten less vertical-specific for issues like compliance. Continue Reading


The impact of technology on records management challenges

At the ARMA Live 2013 conference, records management expert Steve Goodfellow of Access Systems Consulting discussed highlights from the show, such as the risks of cloud computing and developing a sound risk management strategy. Continue Reading


Important records management terms

Learning the terminology of records management and understanding how certain terms are blurring and merging in the area of governance, risk and compliance is important.

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