Guide to implementing digital asset management systems and strategies

Last updated:June 2013

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With the increasing use and rapid proliferation of multimedia and rich media content, such as photos, videos, audio files, animations and music clips, more and more organizations are amassing large stockpiles of digital information assets for use on their websites and in ads, marketing materials and corporate documents. As they do, keeping track of all that content and ensuring that it's accessible to business users is becoming a bigger challenge. Digital asset management systems are designed to address that challenge -- DAM software enables companies to create centralized archives of multimedia and rich media files and provides search capabilities to help users identify, locate and retrieve them.

Many companies already have Web content management (WCM) systems in place and may not need a separate digital asset management system. In addition, DAM technology in the past was primarily the province of large media and publishing companies. But the use of DAM systems has expanded beyond those industries as digital content has become more prevalent on corporate websites and in marketing and customer engagement programs.

Would digital asset management software be a useful addition to your organization's applications portfolio? To help you answer that question, this guide offers insights into DAM system implementations at various businesses. It also includes stories that explore the differences between WCM and DAM and that offer advice on weighing the need for digital asset management capabilities and evaluating DAM tools.

1Viewpoints on the need for DAM and WCM software

What's the difference between digital asset management and Web content management? Depending on an organization's specific needs, a standalone DAM system may or may not be needed. These stories offer insights into what factors businesses should consider when making decisions about DAM and WCM deployments.

2Quiz: Implementing digital asset management systems

Take this short quiz to test your knowledge of digital asset management technologies.