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Guide to implementing digital asset management systems and strategies

Digital asset management software may be able to help organizations across various industries manage their growing volumes of multimedia and rich media content. Explore DAM issues and considerations in this guide.


With the increasing use and rapid proliferation of multimedia and rich media content, such as photos, videos, audio files, animations and music clips, more and more organizations are amassing large stockpiles of digital information assets for use on their websites and in ads, marketing materials and corporate documents. As they do, keeping track of all that content and ensuring that it's accessible to business users is becoming a bigger challenge. Digital asset management systems are designed to address that challenge -- DAM software enables companies to create centralized archives of multimedia and rich media files and provides search capabilities to help users identify, locate and retrieve them.

Many companies already have Web content management (WCM) systems in place and may not need a separate digital asset management system. In addition, DAM technology in the past was primarily the province of large media and publishing companies. But the use of DAM systems has expanded beyond those industries as digital content has become more prevalent on corporate websites and in marketing and customer engagement programs.

Would digital asset management software be a useful addition to your organization's applications portfolio? To help you answer that question, this guide offers insights into DAM system implementations at various businesses. It also includes stories that explore the differences between WCM and DAM and that offer advice on weighing the need for digital asset management capabilities and evaluating DAM tools.

1Case studies-

Organizations turn to DAM to improve their rich media management

Businesses in very different fields have implemented digital asset management systems and processes in an effort to better manage their multimedia and rich media content. This section features case studies on organizations such as Hasbro, Major League Baseball and National Public Radio.


TV One tackles digital asset management problems with Adobe CQ5

TV One's search for the best content management system required finding a provider that could handle the legalities of airing classic television shows. Continue Reading


Cloud collaboration is a hit for MLB's rich media management uses cloud collaboration and homegrown digital asset management to create and manage sports highlights for 2.61 billion annual visitors. Continue Reading


Hasbro toys with global enterprise digital asset management system

Hasbro is reinventing its rich media and enterprise digital asset management strategy to make sure its toys and games are correctly used by its marketers, distributors and retailers around the world. Continue Reading


NPR's Web content management system governs a quarter-million files

NPR customized its Web content management system to administer more than a quarter-million digital files to work for its editorial and data needs. Continue Reading


BBC evolves digital asset management with Life

The BBC’s Life series marked an ongoing shift from film to digital media that is making the need for rigorous metadata and digital asset management in broadcast media more pressing. Continue Reading

2DAM and WCM-

Viewpoints on the need for DAM and WCM software

What's the difference between digital asset management and Web content management? Depending on an organization's specific needs, a standalone DAM system may or may not be needed. These stories offer insights into what factors businesses should consider when making decisions about DAM and WCM deployments.


Despite its allure, digital asset management not always the right fit

Before jumping into a digital asset management program, organizations should take a careful look at business objectives and current WCM systems, content management pros say. Continue Reading


Forrester: Companies must weigh needs for digital media management

A Forrester report suggests that managers examine their needs before choosing from a fragmented and complex market of digital asset management options. Continue Reading


WCM and digital asset management systems: not so separate anymore

As images and video become more and more central to the online experience, the delineation between WCM and DAM technologies is no longer so clear. Continue Reading


Video, ‘big data,’ cloud, mobile among WCM tools to watch for in 2012

Tighter integration with enterprise systems and a focus on multichannel experiences with video, mobile and cloud WCM tools are among analyst picks for 2012 as WCM takes on CRM strategies. Continue Reading


Getting the green light for Web content management software projects

Growing support for marketing and customer engagement efforts appears to be driving investments in new or upgraded Web content management systems. Continue Reading

3DAM options-

Tips on choosing the right DAM technology for your business

As multimedia and rich media data volumes continue to grow, businesses may find that managing all of the digital content they're creating or capturing is becoming more and more difficult. Learn more about available digital asset management options and considerations to take into account before launching a DAM deployment in the following articles.


Use is primary proviso when choosing a digital asset management system

In an expanding DAM market, experts agree that zeroing in on the use case for a digital asset management tool helps organizations pick the right product. Continue Reading


Digital asset management success hinges on integration, vendor support

Integration tactics and "partner fit" are some of the most important considerations when purchasing a digital asset management system, according to experts. Continue Reading


Rich media flood pushes digital asset management strategy to forefront

Without an effective plan for managing digital assets, the increasing digital content collected by organizations could end up being a real headache. Continue Reading


Rich media content business case: Cutting costs and effort via DAM

Implementing DAM for rich media content is a matter of proving the savings in simplifying retrieval, the creative process and branding. Continue Reading


Glossary of DAM terms


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