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How do SharePoint's BPM benefits measure up?

While it's not a classic BPM tool, SharePoint can help streamline processes. This guide explores SharePoint's BPM features, with advice on using ECM systems for BPM and a look at trends in the broader BPM world.


As technology becomes increasingly important to business operations, IT can't stand on the outskirts of the business looking in. For ECM deployments to be successful, IT must find ways to work side by side with the business -- or even as part of the business -- and use technology to adapt to rapid changes in business needs.

Adopting a business process management strategy and using BPM tools can help streamline processes, reduce human error, and develop greater integration between systems like SharePoint and the workflows of the people who use them. While SharePoint isn't designed to be an enterprise-scale BPM system, this common platform can offer some BPM benefits, especially from a workflow management standpoint.

This guide explores some of the latest trends in BPM strategy and software and takes a look at how SharePoint can fit into the bigger BPM picture.

1SharePoint BPM-

Using SharePoint as a business process management tool

SharePoint may not be designed to handle the broad range of processes that other BPM-focused tools are intended for, but certain SharePoint features can introduce BPM benefits, with more automation and better workflow management that can become an integral part of a BPM strategy.


The pros and cons of SharePoint BPM

Other BPM platforms offer versatility and broad functionality that SharePoint lacks, but don't overlook SharePoint BPM entirely -- its integration with Office is just one perk it has to offer. Continue Reading


SharePoint workflow management can power better BPM

SharePoint BPM may not be as powerful as other BPM platforms, but it could be an easier, lower cost BPM option for companies that already have SharePoint deployment. Continue Reading


Building visual workflows in SharePoint

SharePoint workflows have a reputation for being difficult to build and edit, but SharePoint 2013 simplifies the process with better Visio integration that allows drag and drop editing in the SharePoint Designer. Continue Reading


Get started with the SharePoint 2013 Workflow Platform

Find out how to install the SharePoint 2013 Workflow Platform, which provides new features such as drag-and-drop workflow development. Continue Reading


Align ECM strategy with business goals

For an ECM system like SharePoint to deliver business value, it must fit in with -- and uncover ways to improve -- the way people work. Continue Reading


Use a SharePoint upgrade to streamline governance-related tasks

Companies upgrading to a new version of SharePoint may want to look at the migration as a chance to break bad process habits, introduce some automation and encourage new levels of productivity. Continue Reading


SharePoint 2013 can help balance compliance needs with efficiency

SharePoint 2013 records management can help organizations meet compliance requirements without slowing down productivity in large, increasingly complex SharePoint environments. Continue Reading

2SharePoint and BPM Quiz-

How much do you know about SharePoint and BPM?

How much do you know about SharePoint's BPM benefits? Take our quiz to find out.

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More on BPM and ECM systems

Companies must treat ECM systems as more than content repositories. They can start by using their systems' automation and management features to streamline processes and make information governance a natural, efficient part of employees' daily tasks.


How an ECM project inspired a BPM initiative

At one company, an effort to reduce paper and streamline tasks led to a BPM project that used ECM to introduce new efficiencies across the organization. Continue Reading


Business process management and ECM success are closely linked

To be worth the investment, ECM systems can't just store content. ECM workflows should become part of an enterprise's business processes by both mirroring them and improving them. Continue Reading


ECM system trims time from processes at Faribault Foods

At a company whose processes generated thousands of documents, Oracle's document management system was key, not just in organizing the information but in making business processes more efficient. Continue Reading


Real BPM change comes from the top down

Customer and user experience may influence BPM changes from the bottom up, but a top-down approach to BPM projects remains essential to making changes sustainable. Continue Reading

4BPM News and Trends-

The changing role of BPM

BPM was born of enterprises' need to save costs through streamlining, but companies also are finding ways to modernize their processes and achieve better results using BPM tools. Developments in social BPM, data-driven business intelligence and open source BPM allow enterprises to shake up and customize the way they do business.


BPM can achieve business results, not just cost savings

While the traditional goal of BPM has been to streamline processes in order to save money, some companies are now using BPM as a way to gather real-time workflow-related data and improve the way they do business. Continue Reading


Social BPM breathes new life into failing processes

At a renewable energy company that ran into problems when tracking issues with wind turbines, a social-media-based BPM tool introduced some much needed simplicity and flexibility. Continue Reading


Base BPM on business goals, not personalities

Business processes created to suit a particular person may introduce inefficiencies when other employees try to follow them, so BPM should be driven by achieving business goals, not appeasing personalities. Continue Reading


Choosing BPM workflow management software

If you are an IT manager considering a BPM workflow management tool, the most important part of the process is to understand your business workflows from end to end. Continue Reading


Open source BPM allows customization for a low cost

The latest open source BPM tools may offer enterprise benefits. Continue Reading


Terms related to business process management

Check out the definitions below to learn more about commonly used terms related to business process management.

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