Powering a more efficient enterprise search engine

Last updated:December 2014

Editor's note

As analytics, machine learning, social media feeds and high-powered, user-friendly platforms like Google transform the way we find and use information, the phrase "enterprise search" may elicit yawns. But there is no point in saving your data in a content management system if you can't find it. So locating the right information at the time right time has become more critical than ever, and enterprises need to wake up and pay attention.

Fortunately, companies can start incorporating emerging technologies like content analytics, predictive coding and search-based applications to rev up enterprise search. This guide provides an overview of those trends and how they are affecting companies today.

Of course, most organizations have a long way to go before their enterprise search engine can produce intelligent results that help power business decision-making. We'll also explore the architecture that supports enterprise search, which starts with an understanding of the business problems that search can solve, a holistic view of content and -- as always -- a detailed metadata strategy.

1Take a modern approach to enterprise search

While analytics and search-based applications may seem like beacons of hope, they're useless unless companies re-architect their information. Here's how to build a more powerful search that will spotlight the most relevant results.

2Solving business problems with enterprise search

For most companies, building more efficient, useful enterprise search will be a long, complex process. Find out how some companies are embarking on that journey using new technologies, as well as new perspectives on old practices like tagging and categorization.