Web content management systems roundup

Last updated:November 2013

Editor's note

Web content management platforms can now aid in social media integration, customer experience management, rich media management and business analytics, producing business benefits that go far beyond static website information management. In order to take advantage of these features and boost their competitive edge, companies are feeling the pressure to implement new or upgrade existing WCM systems.

With the sea of available WCM choices, perhaps the greatest challenge is identifying the best tools and technologies to meet an organization's specific business needs. Analysts and experts have outlined steps to take to identify end user needs and business goals, evaluate the options and deploy systems that offer the most benefit.

This Essential Guide provides tips and advice for enhancing Web content management systems. Articles featured here discuss the evolving role of WCM, the tools available and strategies for successful deployment.

1Web content management tools and technologies

One of the biggest challenges with deploying Web content management systems is simply wading through the wealth of options to find the platform and products that best meet an organization's specific needs. The articles in this section describe the many different options available and offer tips for selection and deployment.

2Expert advice for successful Web content management

Many organizations are reworking their corporate Web strategies and working to boost their online presences. The starting point is examining the needs of both internal and external end users. The articles below offer advice and specific steps to take for supporting corporate marketing and customer engagement efforts through careful investment in and fine-tuning of Web content management tools and processes.

3Glossary of WCM terms

Review definitions of terminology related to Web content management systems here.