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December 2014, Volume 2, Number 6

Five social media rules to encourage success

ATLANTA -- I’ve been thinking about expertise lately. In social media, it seems that everyone is an expert -- even the frauds. All it takes is a YouTube account or a blog to dump your thoughts, and you're an expert on social conversation. But can we identify the frauds from the real deal and learn how to use social platforms for real business change? To be honest, I haven't figured it out yet. There are lots of common terms that frauds and genuine experts throw out in describing best practices, such as engagement, collaboration, crowdsourcing, key performance indicators, metrics. So too, social media experts and frauds alike agree that not every interaction on social platforms constitutes meaningful engagement, but few can specifically define what meaningful interaction looks like or how to sustain it. If we could just bottle the secret sauce, we could create a template for social success for companies of different sizes, industries and audiences. I confess that I'm thinking about these issues more on the eve of the Social ...

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