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June 2014, Volume 2, Number 3

A responsible approach to information lifecycle management

Be proactive. Don't be reactive. That's advice from Deborah Juhnke, director of information management consulting at Husch Blackwell LLP. At the 2014 AIIM Conference in Orlando, Fla., Juhnke said the management and disposal stages of the information lifecycle won't be so overwhelming if organizations apply responsible governance philosophies from the get-go. "We have all been given technologies and tools for the last 20 years and told, 'Go forth and create,' and there's been very little guidance as to how to do that or what to do with the information," she said. Rather than finding new ways to squirrel away information in email archives and in the cloud, Juhnke advised that organizations take a step back and do the following: Disrupt processes that generate excess information. Juhnke suggested cutting down on email subscriptions and combining frequent company-wide emails from various departments into a single missive. "Let's not just think about what we have; let's think about what we're creating," she said. "Why are we doing ...

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