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June 2014, Volume 2, Number 3

Cloud-based records management takes off

In this, part two of a spotlight on records management, we explore how companies are moving to cloud-based records management to reduce costs, eliminate redundancies and pool resources. In part one, we profiled companies that have begun the modernization process through digitization of records and more. Up, up and away Some notable examples of modern records management are emerging. In 2007, the Oregon state government began to digitize, because maintaining paper and digital records together was no longer feasible. "Even with the best records management program, if you don't have a tool you're not going to do it, because it's too hard to do manually," said state archivist Mary Herkert. Digitizing paper records was just phase one, though. The real goal was to streamline processes and reduce spending on technology infrastructure. By establishing a series of private clouds for various departments, hosted by Chaves Consulting, the state could create a secure repository while also eliminating some of the headaches of managing the ...

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