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June 2014, Volume 2, Number 3

Lessons learned from DAM product buying process

It can be amusing when you hear people say it over and over, but the "DAM problem" is no joke for enterprise technology buyers. Scot Petersen So it was at the DAM NY conference recently. Experts and users alike are comfortable saying DAM in front of anything related to digital asset management (DAM), especially because there are a lot of DAM issues facing users and buyers of technology, in a fragmented market with hundreds of DAM products. One problem is the explosion of data. The second problem is creating and managing systems that can make use of the data; in other words, tag it, index it, track it, search it and use it to create value for your company and your customers. The biggest problem, however, is a lack of DAM applications that can do it all, that have all the features and capabilities and can otherwise match every company's needs. Don't just take my word for it. There is no best vendor. You have to find the best fit. There is a system that's the right one for you. Theresa Regli, principal and managing partner, Real ...

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