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June 2014, Volume 2, Number 3

New technologies take on records management challenges

Welcome to part one of our two-part spotlight on records management. In this installment, we discuss the central problem for records management—lack of modernization—and highlight companies that have begun to pave the way forward through digitization, automation and more. In part two, we continue the spotlight with a discussion of the future of the discipline: cloud-based records management. Whatcom Educational Credit Union had no choice but to turn to digital records management for customer service. In 2003, when it began digitizing business processes, branches were still relying on fax and phone to share account information about members, so retrieval was painfully slow. A member who asked for a copy of his loan application might have to wait 20 minutes or more while employees tracked it down. "It can be quite time-consuming," said Patti Moser, IT manager at WECU, based in Bellingham, Wash. "You have to wait for a fax, find a person in another building, worry about misfiling when you put the document back in the file. ...

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