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December 2013, Volume 1, Number 6

A contract for the social enterprise

Readers who have longed to read the words of 17th-century English philosopher Thomas Hobbes in the pages of Business Information, this is your opportunity. In this issue, IT analyst and columnist Joshua Greenbaum cites Hobbes in his discussion of "social collaboration," or using social networking technology to share information and work together. Not that Hobbes ever considered the notion of AIM, Twitter or the like, but he did discuss the way people use social tools and collaborate. Sort of. Greenbaum echoes Hobbes, arguing "that ruthless competition, not congenial cooperation, was the dominant behavioral paradigm of an innately selfish species." This is true, and because of that, the philosopher said, society needed a strong central authority to survive. For more on social enterprise Want a social enterprise? Start with the social part How to build a social enterprise workflow Similarly, today's "social enterprise," Greenbaum writes, "craves a centralizing governing force." There are two ways to look at this point. First, ...

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