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September 2009

Suppressing a SharePoint rebellion

Anyone who has ever put together a SharePoint governance plan knows firsthand how much work the process involves. So what do you do if you discover that nobody is taking your policies seriously? How can you tighten the reins without making the rebellion even worse? It might be time to try some new techniques to regain control over your SharePoint environment. Ideally, you should get management to sign off on your SharePoint governance document before you begin to put the policies into effect. Without management’s blessing and support, you don’t have a prayer of maintaining order. If your users don’t like the policies, then some of them will inevitably try to go over your head in an effort to either circumvent the policy or have it repealed. That’s why it is so important to get management on board before the SharePoint governance policy goes into effect. You need to know that management will back you up when these types of uprisings occur. Automate what you can One way of ensuring that users adhere to your policies is to automate...

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