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December 2009

How to automate governance

Even though SharePoint governance is all the rage these days, the very concept of a SharePoint governance policy is fundamentally flawed. The majority of the SharePoint governance plans are monolithic documents full of technical jargon. The end result is that most people will never read them. Those who do will likely forget most of what they have read by the following week. So how do you get users to adhere to a policy that they have never read? Simple, you automate your policy. SharePoint contains numerous options that you can use to automate the enforcement of various aspects of your governance plan. Let’s focus on some of the more useful mechanisms related to document libraries. Enforcing metadata usage The SharePoint Indexing process heavily considers metadata that is connected to individual documents. But this metadata is often a shining example of the “garbage in, garbage out” principle. Most of the time, users don’t even bother to populate document metadata. Worse yet, copying a document and then modifying the copy may ...

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