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August 2008

Seven steps for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server disaster recovery

Microsoft's collaboration tool SharePoint is architecturally complex. It has a difficult logical recovery process, where later editions of checked out documents need to be synchronized with the recovered server environment. Although SharePoint is usually included in the OS disaster recovery scheme, its special business and technical considerations are often neglected. For example, an IT shop may not fully document SharePoint's environmental needs in its business continuity plan. And, it may overlook SharePoint post-recovery work during its disaster recovery planning process. Including these considerations can greatly expedite SharePoint recovery efforts. Here are some other key areas Windows managers need to address when planning for SharePoint disaster recovery: High-availability conflicts – SharePoint may need to be a highly available business tool because large global firms that use this tool operate with no downtime. This could affect the scheduling window for SharePoint backup because the most reliable level of backups are ...

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