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January 2009

Installing the Change Request Management template in SharePoint Server 2007

Have you ever wished you could temporarily disable a SharePoint Designer workflow? You may want to do this in order to mass-approve a large number of documents without setting off dozens -- or possibly hundreds -- of unnecessary workflows.  One way to accomplish this is to access the workflow using SharePoint Designer and disable it. To do that, you’ll need to open up Share- Point Designer, access the workflow, change its properties and re-save it. The problem with that method is that it’s a little messy and likely to ring lots of alarm bells at most companies. In general, fiddling about with SharePoint Designer workflows is not a good practice in a production environment, nor is it part of a wellcontrolled process.  Want a better solution that allows you to enable or disable a workflow solution using a custom list? Wondering how to enhance it to make it more robust and useful?  It’s possible -- just access data from a custom list and use it in your workflow. Start by creating a custom list to hold the control information.  For ...

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