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December 2011

SharePoint 2010 implementation success rides on strong governance

As the collaborative workplace becomes more complex, SharePoint can be a boon to enterprises of all sizes, enabling users to set up blogs, personal or team sites and a variety of other online venues for business unit and interdepartmental collaboration. But for all of SharePoint’s benefits, implementation failures are common. According to consultants and analysts who specialize in the technology, most of those failures can be attributed to a lack of up-front SharePoint 2010 implementation governance. When SharePoint is deployed without a solid plan for establishing who can create sites, how they should be set up and what types of information should and shouldn’t be shared on them, management headaches and chaos often follow. Runaway SharePoint site creation can also lead to adoption resistance among business workers, the analysts and consultants warned. To avoid such problems, they said, organizations need to develop an enterprise-wide SharePoint 2010 governance strategy to establish a collaboration routine with firm guidelines....

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