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June 2011

SharePoint-BI integration: business intelligence data for everyone

One of the big selling points of today’s business intelligence (BI) tools is that they enable mere end users – as opposed to super-smart IT analysts – to access reams of business data and make more informed decisions. Putting the right information into the hands of business decision makers can influence, and improve, everything from purchasing decisions (“Should we be stocking more black backpacks or blue ones?”) to corporate strategizing (“Should we open a new chain of stores in China?”). Typically, information is delivered to those decision makers via customized BI dashboards, scorecards and reports, most often presented through a dedicated BI application or Web portal. That likely will continue to be the case for some time to come, but we’re starting to get other options. Specifically, for a BI system based on SQL Server, you can integrate a great deal of information right into SharePoint 2010, putting BI data front and center in your organization. Learn more about SharePoint BI Get tips for training people on SharePoint 2010...

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