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October 2009

Five best SharePoint troubleshooting tips

SharePoint is generally considered a robust platform for collaboration. However, like any complex tool, there can be challenges for those who work with it and manage it. Below is a list of five common SharePoint challenges and various approaches to overcome them. Keep in mind that your top five may be different than what’s been presented here. 1. Consume SharePoint RSS feeds inside of SharePoint Microsoft has provided SharePoint with an out-of-the-box RSS Reader Web part. This Web part natively allows you to include external RSS feeds, such as Google News in your SharePoint site. Unfortunately, because many SharePoint sites require authentication, the out-of the-box RSS Web part is not compatible with SharePoint RSS feeds unless you have Kerberos implemented in your organization. To solve this problem, you can use one of the two methods listed below. Keep in mind that even though I am mentioning these tools, I am not necessarily endorsing them. Enable anonymous access for the lists you want to distribute via RSS. This may be an ...

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