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Alfresco One ECM product dovetails with Activiti BPM

Alfresco recognizes the connection between ECM and BPM with the Alfresco One hybrid ECM product and the Alfresco Activiti workflow and BPM suite.

Alfresco views enterprise content management and business process management as tightly related activities, and that's reflected in its two application suites. Alfresco One is a content and product and document management platform that includes Alfresco on premises; the software as a service version, Alfresco in the Cloud; and a mobile version, Alfresco Mobile. Alfresco Activiti is a workflow and business process management platform that can be used by developers and administrators, or directly by end users.

Both platforms are open source, and Alfresco remains committed to open standards. Rather than provide a complete turnkey solution, Alfresco focuses on building a tool set that partners can use as building blocks for a complete solution.In addition to on-premises and cloud deployments, Alfresco offers a hybrid solution.

Alfresco Mobile is a free app for iOS and Android devices, providing access controls, on-device encryption and integration with mobile device management platforms. Afresco Mobile allow users to access both on-premises and cloud content in online or offline mode, and participate in workflows from their mobile devices. The app can be customized through Alfresco Mobile SDK.

Key features of Alfresco's enterprise content management (ECM) product include:

  • Access controls for setting user and group permissions that limit who can read or modify documents.
  • Version control to track changes and allow rollback to previous versions.
  • Collaboration that facilitates content sharing in a secure manner, controlled by IT.
  • Compliance features that manage record lifecycle from creation to destruction.
  • Document management stewardship for business-critical documents.
  • Mobile content management that allows access to documents anywhere, anytime.
  • Process management tools to streamline cross-company business processes.
  • Social media interfaces for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr and Slideshare.
  • Workflow to help developers, administrators and non-technical business users design and manage business processes.
  • Smart Folders that allow content to be viewed based on search criteria, rather than where the content is stored within an organization.
  • The ability to transfer content ownership from one user to another; for example, if a user has left the company.
  • One-click access to any connected database and the ability to model that data for use in corporate applications.

Alfresco relies on a network of system integrators, software vendors, infrastructure providers and resellers to build complete solutions, which are tailored to specific customer requirements. Alfresco integrates with several major software systems, including SAP, Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, AutoCAD, Google Docs, Box, Jive and Microsoft Office.

The current versions are version 5.1. of the Alfresco One ECM product and version 1.5 of Alfresco Activiti BPM Suite. The latest releases include numerous improvements aimed at increasing end-user engagement, especially among less tech-savvy business users who want to get involved in process design and management. The current version of Alfresco Mobile is 2.3.1.

Since its platforms are open source, Alfresco doesn't charge license fees. However, they do sell subscriptions for support. Pricing for the three levels of support is determined by the total number of named users and by the level of support required.

Customers can try a full-featured version of the Alfresco One ECM product or Alfresco Activiti BPM platform for 30 days or Alfresco online for 14 days. Alfresco Community Edition is free to download and use for an unlimited time, but no support is provided. This package targets developers and technical enthusiasts.

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