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Create and manage your web content using Oracle WebCenter Sites

Oracle WebCenter Sites is a web content management platform designed to help organizations deliver optimized and unique digital content to their viewers, regardless of their device.

Oracle WebCenter Sites is an end-to-end web content management platform that addresses all of the e-channels of content engagement by enabling facile content development, deployment and repurposing. The platform is available either on-premises or in the cloud.

How does the software support WCM tasks?

Although Oracle WebCenter Sites is not specifically designed for different industry verticals, the system does tailor to various content development needs. Oracle's web content management (WCM) platform comes with a set of predefined forms from which users can choose. These predesigned templates help expedite content development and assure uniformity. Content can be assembled at the page level in a WYSIWYG interface with the help of drag-and-drop functions. Users can also add helpful metadata, such as search tags, to their content.

Oracle WebCenter Sites also allows users to develop native content that they, in turn, can customize for different mobile and desktop devices. Users can take advantage of the system's responsive design functionality that tailors their content to the various types of desktop and mobile devices on which it is being viewed.

Oracle WebCenter Sites also comes with built-in metrics that measure software performance in terms of timely content delivery. The platform looks at the response time of overall content, as well as the response time performance at the component level. These performance reports give users visibility into how consumers are actually receiving web content. The system also features built-in demographics data that can assist companies with targeting specific audiences.

Oracle WebCenter Sites also includes analytics reports that cross-check system performance. These provide marketing teams with important data, such as which content receives the most feedback or resonates best with consumers.

As more organizations move toward the idea of tailoring their webpage user interfaces (UI) to WCM platforms, Oracle WebCenter Sites provides easy ways to render custom UIs that best facilitate specific corporate web content development workflows.

Who benefits from using Oracle WebCenter Sites?

Oracle WebCenter Sites' WCM platform is best suited for medium-large to large enterprises. The system can support both operational and marketing applications. The system can also be utilized by smaller organizations that are more apt to use it in the cloud, which provides greater cost flexibility.

Oracle WebCenter Sites also integrates with other popular systems, like customer relationship management software, through a set of open application programming interfaces.

For organizations choosing to use only a subset of the WCM functionality, such as for developing and running marketing campaigns, Oracle also has a cloud-based WCM product known as Sites Cloud Service. This software can be configured and subscribed to at a lower cost than the on-premises system. The cloud offering is most often run as a software as a service (SaaS) offering.

How is the software licensed and priced?

Oracle WebCenter Sites has several different pricing options. Its on-premises systems are priced based on the number of server CPU cores that are used, costing $100,000 per core. For cloud-based systems, Oracle offers a bandwidth-based subscription that begins at $2,000/month, and it is an annual subscription.

For on-premises systems, business partners and Oracle offer consulting services for system installation, architecture design and ongoing activities. For cloud-based WCM, there is a choice to receive services either as infrastructure as a service, where Oracle assumes system hosting responsibilities, but the company does its own system management; or SaaS, where Oracle both hosts and manages the entire system as an outsourcer. Oracle and its business partners also offer a full complement of system support and service options.

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