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OnBase by Hyland manages enterprise content

OnBase by Hyland helps organizations manage documents and data to streamline business operations, with specific enhancements for the healthcare industry.

Hyland Software Inc. got into the enterprise content management (ECM) business through gradual in-house development of its own product, OnBase, at the rate of one new release per year. Using the same code base, user interface, content repository, and security and administration model over the years, OnBase by Hyland is now a single software service that provides the following six components:

  • Capture, which captures paper images and electronic content.
  • Manage, which applies electronic content to workflows.
  • Access, which allows users to access content and control processes no matter where they are, using interfaces that suit the user.
  • Integrate, which facilitates integration of OnBase with other applications.
  • Measure, which provides reports and real-time views of business data.
  • Store, which stores content in a secure manner -- safe from disaster and with an audit trail.

OnBase by Hyland is marketed to companies of all sizes and in virtually any industry. However, Hyland provides enhancements to meet the specific needs of companies in the healthcare, government, insurance, finance and higher education industries. Of these industries, Hyland is especially focused on healthcare. The following features are particularly well-suited to that industry:

  • OnBase VNA provides vendor neutral archive capabilities, so OnBase can store Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard content.
  • OnBase Anywhere enables patient information to be shared with other healthcare organizations, which eases the transition of patients from one organization to another.
  • OnBase Patient Window puts all patient information in the clinician's preferred format.
  • OnBase Mobile eCapture provides access to critical content and workflow features on mobile devices.

Hyland has also made significant inroads into the insurance and wealth management industries. Its acquisition of the AcroSoft enterprise content management business from Interactive Intelligence Inc. in May 2016 added roughly  50 insurance organizations to the company's client portfolio.

OnBase by Hyland can serve as a central content repository, linking documents within ECM to transactions in other enterprise applications, such as enterprise resource planning, accounting and human resources. This means users don't have to change screens to find information in different applications, so information views remain consistent across enterprise systems.

OnBase by Hyland is designed to manage content coming from transactional systems, but doesn't manage content coming from social media.

The latest version, OnBase 16, includes new mobile capture features, significant enhancements to interfaces for third-party tools from Esri and DocuSign, and support for the latest versions of Microsoft Office and Outlook, SAP and AutoCAD.

Hyland sells enterprise-wide licenses, as well as per-seat licenses, with pricing based on the number of licenses required and the functionality used. The company offers a trial version, called TryOnBase. Both on-premises and cloud-based versions of the product are available.

Hyland provides its own support and maintenance services.

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